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I was only 14 years old when my mom left me in the middle of the desert with no water or food.I was very deppresed I wanted to go home. I wanted food. I walked and walked for 5 days with no sleep my birthday was august 17 right now its august 15. I wanted to go to my friends house for my birthday. But thoughts were running threw my head. I thought my mom loved me! I thought she would not betray me like this. If she did not want me she could have put me in a home or something not leave me in the desert like this? I was about to give up and die until I found a road a road. I'm so happy I hope someone picks me up! I sat down next to the road. I waited and waited. No one came I waited I started to close my eyes I heard a voice. (Hannah Hannah Hannah don't give up now wake up you can not die now!) I woke up I tried to get up my legs were so weak because of how far I walked. My mouth was so dry my stomach was hungry I lost weight my hands were pal. I needed a shower. A few cars passed by they did not care to stop. Then finally a black car stopped. The driver got out it was s young lady. "Hey are you okay little girl?" She asked. I couldn't speak. They lady picked my up and put me in the back seat of her car. Their in the back was a water bottle. I grabed the water  bottle I drinked it all. " more." I said with my voice very weak. "You want more water?" She asked " y...yes" I responded to her. She stopped by the gas station. She got out then I heard the voice again ( hate hate your mother kill her now !)  I got up. And I seen my mom she was pumping gas. I found a screw driver I got out of the car. " mother I hate you!" My mom turned around  " h..h.Hannah? " she said " DONT YOU ACT STUPIED! " I yelled at her then my mouth got big and red with blood. Blood started to drip down my arm and leg. I came to my mom slowly  holding up the screw driver the screw driver turned into a knife. My mom tryed to back away but somehow i was pulling her toward me. I stab her alot of times blood came speld from her head! I could not stop something was forcing me to keep stabing her! I heard the voice again this time it is laughing creeply.''STOP! " I yelled at the voice  TO BE CONTINUED


  • good job

    Apr 27, 2019

  • Apr 27, 2019

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    Adriana Whitlock

    are any of you guys from avakin life?

    Apr 28, 2019

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