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  1. In a small town there lived a family of five members, a typical family those five members have five mentalities the girl name Ammu the elder girl of the parents ,the girl was active in studies but don't have courage to deal the world lonely and coward person. She loves her family especially her two younger ones and her father and the boy who lived in her street  the name called madhu very active in CO curricular activities and the special quality,he have that he is a good dancer and he have small family which consists three members  .They are understanding and loving parents.                    One day the boy madhu saw the girl Ammu at his friends house for new academic books at that moment he fixed his love on her and follows her daily from her institute to house, years passed out like that ,they don't have even a smile between them and also don't have simple words just they saw each other.                                                                  After three years a misunderstanding make them to talk each other, she scolds him indirectly with other because all her friends surrounding institutes and relatives all are assuming that she is in love with him already so she did that but his friends came got angry on her talk with her and then again they came with in two days and said sorry, madhu was serioused on us Pls forgive us. At that moment she thinks about him how much serious he was on her and starts observing him while she thinks she totally addicted to him, he came into her world along with her family.                             She loves everything in him his voice, smile, eyes and starts searching for him where he was she made a casual walk before him even though they doesn't talk each other until  days passing like that .one day his friend Abhishek came to talk with her about his love she darely said what he wants to talk to me say directly to me only don't interfere anyone.                                            With in a week madhu came to her to talk and said his love but she doesn't reject and accept she asked how could i believe you now we are teenagers this is attraction age if parents doesn't agree what happen to me go and said to your family first. Here she knows i can get my mudhu in my life i got him with my father. She have a close relation with her father .she only take decisions according to her father and freely discuss her problems with her father .                                       Madhu came with her cousin like sister that much closer to him and made a meet between them a direct relation came with Ammu and madhu because of Geetha Akka she afterwards lead a main role in their lives..                                                                         After a year Ammu accepted his love .Madhu saw her like his mother very caring, understanding person he was, even though they quarrell daily but never spend time with out each other, in the while she facing some problems in her home. Her father turned more serious because of listening words of neighbors and relatives all are came to know about them, and some alliances saw to her at last she went out from that problem.                                                          Society saw her as a character less  but she never bother about that one day  she said to her mother I marry him after completion of my education such a dare she have with in a year she again faced a problem of marriage proposal at that time  she scared and never dared to spoke  with her father  in a manner as the way she said to her mother.                                                     She felt that the marriage proposal will be cancelled however if madhu knews that he would be apset concentrate on exams first, they don't have communication between them just sees in the street. After her examinations the girl went out to her grandmas house a month and half She spent there.                                                After her arrival she makes betrothal with another person with in two days, even she doesn't have any chance to inform to madhu. However madhu knews that she came here he send a letter to her but Ammu didn't know that her sister teared it after when she met madhu she came to know and after function she went to him and talk each other what we have to do know.            As a third  person if we analyse the characters they don't have age to face the problem and they don't have supporting persons and why the girl scared to talk with her father in a way her mother listens. Parents also have to listen and give to children what would they do. Right?                                 With in one month marriage date is fixed to her the gap between madhu and ammu becoming longer .                                       Finally they thought that they have the only solution that came out from home the boy is ready to take her but the girl was hesitated about her family future and especially has been thinking about her father why because he already suffering from a cheating of his wife and even in her family no woman is good and Ammu saw her aunty's life lalitha came out  from home and married a person who she loved after they have two kids the killed Ammu's aunty by a gang rape of 5 members that's why she's hesitating.                                                   At that time her parents emotional blackmailing the words from her father I don't have any scope to live iam living for three of you only .No matter wouldn't change her but the fate turned to change her completely, a misunderstanding arisen between them. Madhu also wants to maintain her good fame even though they have the solution at that time to come out from home.                                                        One day just before a week to go to marriage madhu called her for what she would do but he experienced continuously engage he assume that Ammu is cheating her and she is talking with the bridegroom. If he have a doubt he only ask and confirm but he make a call with her sister geetha Akka, she calls Ammu and abondened her agree your cheating my brother he is sincere but not you,, you are doing mistake agree  .............
  1. Ammu was to confirm the only thing that what madhu had been thinking about her and she came to her friend who is with her always  pushyami, the mobile they have in her home for five people and madhu also observed her by his friends till that moment he knew about her completely, he always says i love your character but he also accused Ammu .Now, ammu said everything to her friend pusyami ask what I have to do now is this fare to madhu why they are blaming me is it correct to them like this her friend asked her where there is no trust there is no love behind that what he knew about you this 6  years, i know what you are. Ammu also thought that what I got to be honest with him ,i taken as a ripples who proposed me. Everything is nothing before my madhu but he does this for me like this Ammu felt and a day after when madhu calls her she said yes i am cheater, from now i will talk with bridegroom what you could do?. That was the mistake done by her, Ammu. Her father behaves with her very cruelly he beaten her harshly and her parents suspicious on her these all things made her a stone at  that moment she started hating all the people around him, and she started to be alone and even the bridegroom also went to know that somewhat about reason behind of her behavior but the bridegroom married her. 
  2. After her marriage she went to another place with in a week  and then madhu tried to talk with her and let he wants to know how was she but she harshly refused to talk with him.                                               After her marriage madhu attempted suicide, he don't know how to live ,he however survived by his friends and geetha akka or may be for his parents. And he got a high position in his profession .He is a hotelier while he trying to talk with her many times in several ways she refused atlast he decided that she won't come back again and started hating her, he decided that ammu cheated me. After two years he engaged with himaja another girl. Madhu says that himaja is like me, all madhu's friends and geetha Akka said that  your lucky Marry her. While he have a girl himaj
  3. a tried to talk with Ammu when she came to her hom e town but why?  
  4. How ever she also went away from his life and chandu came to him close she also avoided by him. He lost his hair slowly and suffered a lot with headache and he tried in several times to talk with Ammu but she harshly refused many times even .  He decided Ammu won't come again leading life without expectations. 
  5. Here Ammu married person is a lust dog, he (the bridegroom) uses Ammu for his needs and motives. That lust dog don't want Ammu's feelings, wishes, desires. She started hating madhu because why he came into her life, why he showed that much love on her. Day by day she became weak mentally she can't understand with whom she discuss this problem. And asking details about madhu indirectly by well known persons. With in one month she came to known that she could not live without madhu when she came to learn her entire life was washed out she felts that the only solution she have that was to die. She attempted her first suicide attempt at after marriage with in 5months but she came to know that she was pregnant. She wants to live for her baby while the pregnancy nine months period she lived like madhu's interests like she eats what he likes she do's what he likes after that period she has a desire the baby like be madhu when she look her baby she calls karroda i love you and even the baby behaves like madhu shows love like him. With in two years she have another daughter even though the desire to end her life was becoming day by day with in six years of her life 7times  she Attempted suicide ,she behaves like mentally disorder her thoughts and actions became different even the two kids smiles too never changed her completely and never get out from the memories of madhu she living in assumed life with madhu.                     Like this six years passed, but the desire to die in ammu was became strong, she decided to induce slow poison in her body she tried phenol, cockroach repellent, mosquito liquid, hanging, naptheline balls, glass powder etc  but she however she survived before this decision .
  6. she wanted to talk with madhu once and discuss her pain with him and wants to ask pardon me and then she started searching for him with the help of her friend pushu in social networks but they can't find him after one month Ammu asked her brother Bhanu about madhu, he told that madhu is in a problem where is he don't know anyone. But I promise you Akka where he was?. 
  7. anyhow ammu catched madhu with the help of madhu's dearest friend hariesh Anna by using social network by God's grace .Ammu told her pain and life everything to madhu. After that she asked madhu would you marry my sister but madhu replied her that is my family she is my sister how can I move with her? but she had a plan that she will died soon if they both marry, her kids responbility will take by them but he refused and even she had two kids madhu wants to marry her only, they both same love until on each other but Ammu was hesitating that is she spoiling his future or anything wrong doing in madhu's life. So she decided to become like saint and join as brahmakumari's. 
  8. In the mean while Ammu lost her husband by a accident  ,and then after a year Ammu and madhu married with their parents approval, they started their Dream life with the kids and again they had a son with in two years .And now ammu is a professor in a college and madhu having own travels.                                                   The happy ending. Thank you for all who gives their valluble comments. 


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