The Acestonians Part 2 Read Count : 1

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

Of course, Anna usually doesn't run from a fight, and all the school bullies that laughed at her glasses knew that. They abruptly stopped sniggering at anyone when Anna was in earshot. Anna Nicole Hart knew that she might be the only one who knew about the hooded figures and their whereabouts. She was the only one who could see them, apparently. Someone actually offered to take her to the school nurse, Madam Dandram, while she was staring at one darting from the celing fan and the wall, apparently seeing how long he could stay airborne. (He ended up falling into a bookshelf underneath the place where he was at the wall.) Anna's Mathematics teacher saw her gaping at one holding the scales that she was meant to be using, and he led Anna out the room to tell her not to panic, and that it was probably just her and his eyes playing tricks. She was given a free period for that lesson because of the scales incident. 

One cloudy, grey Saturday moring, Anna woke to gasps coming from the dormitory below hers, where she was sleeping with giddy fifth years who zoomed round the room every morning, waking her up. She put her glasses on and started climbing down the spiraling staicase to the dorm beneath hers, where screams were now erupting. Anna knocked and called out, "Mira? Carli? Benartha? Halorard? You four okay?" And waited patiently for a reply. Then the voice of Mira screamed out "Anna! There's a giant man on my bed, and we think he's trying to kill us!" Anna entered and saw a silvery cloak on the floor, exactly like the ones the hodded men wore around the school, on the floor, and saw a man with broad shoulders and short-cut black hair on Mira's bed. Although he didn't seem like hd was going to kill anyone. There was a man outside as well, and the man on the bed gave an OK, so the other man, with mousy brown hair and a very frail structure, entered the room through the window. They sat next to each other, and one of them finally spoke. "Ah, Anna Nicole Hart! So nice to see you at last! You really do look like your mother, don't you? The rumours were true!" It was the one with the broad shoulders and slick black hair who had spoken. Anna just gaped in astonishment at being addressed this way. 

"Little Anna,  come with us! Back home where you are meant to be!" Said a very wheezy and squeaky voice. It was the frail and mousy brown haired one who talked this time. Anna didn't know what to say, even though her mind was full of questions. "What home? I haven't had a home out of the land of Daxton!" She blurted out suddenly. The one with broad shoulders talked again. "Well, Anna, you say you have lived in an old orphanage all your life?" He said. Anna nodded. "Well, you haven't. You were moved here at the age of three, from your home land. And do you know where that home land is? He asked. Anna shook her head with increasing curiosity. "Well, you can go back there. The land of Aceston awaits you." 

Anna didn't believe it. She was speechless. 


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