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Pool installation in your backyard is a great way of cooling off during summer and for entertaining family and friends. 

One of the most significant parts of pool ownership is maintenance. However, cover care is a frequently overlooked facet of pool maintenance. Maintaining your swimming pool doesn't merely involve maintaining the pool water. You must take care of the swimming pool safety cover as well.

If you wish to keep your pool clear and debris-free, you must keep the pool covers clean. These tips will help ensure you implement proper care for your pool cover.

Keep it Clear of Debris and Leaves
swimming pool covers that aren't secured by sufficient weights or water tubes will slip toward the swimming pool when heavy rainwater accumulates on the surface. When the elimination of water takes place with the use of a cover pump, wrinkles remain behind in your pool cover.

Pull a cover that has slid back onto the deck and eliminate any wrinkles. This way, the cover will drain towards the cover pump easily and could prevent damage due to the sticks caught between folds of the pool cover's material. 

Substitute any broken tubes you notice throughout winter. Avoid using block, bricks, or anything that could damage your pool cover or pool. Sandbags or very huge planters can work in spots, but you must ensure the entire perimeter is weighted. 

For poles that are above the ground, if the cover has numerous wrinkles or has slipped, it might be too huge for your pool's size. Examine the cable tension and winch on pools that are above the ground. 

In areas that experience high winds, secure the pool cover using cover clips. They prevent the wind from penetrating beneath the cover. Incorporating a water tube in the center or using wall bags will maintain the "wind whip" to a minimum. 

Maintain dryness of the cover
A dry or almost dry cover won't attract birds and worms. Numerous inches of water on your pool cover will place stress on the cover seams and permit small holes to leak contaminants into the clean water in the swimming pool. 

Tree Trimming
If you have numerous trees around the swimming pool, you should consider tree trimming, particularly those that overhang the swimming pool or block considerable sunlight. A heavy branch falling on the cover could destroy the cover, creating considerable pool work. 

Pool covers are comparatively costly, so it's imperative you identify how to care for them. If you fail to maintain your cover properly, it can't perform its role. These tips will ensure you adopt proper care for your covers.


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