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I wrote my first poems sixty years ago at
an army hospital in Germany
It was motivated by boredom with no thought of therapy at that time

Thirty years later our son Marc was killed by a drunk driver
My wife and I joined The Compassionate 
Friends-a group for parents who have lost children 
The chapter leader told us it might be helpful if we kept a journal
As I began this writing my thoughts began to form the words poetically 
and thus started a lifelong adventure 
motivated by the agonizing horror of loosing a child

At tha beginning I would write as many
as four poems a day 
This was not planned but spontaneous 
Triggered by the deep grief than was
present constantly 

These were open meetings giving parents the opportunity to express their feelings and experiences 
On occasion I would read one of my poems if I felt it was appropriate 
Some parents asked for copies which I was eager to provide
The number of poems mushroomed into dozens as I was writing daily  I

One year later l became the leader of one of the four chapters in our area
I would begin our weekly meeting by reading one of my poems
The response was overwhelming  and I 
decided to copy my work and place it in our chapter library 

After ten years Phyllis and I felt it was time to leave the group 
We felt that we had come  a long way toward healing though you are never completely healed  
That emptiness- that hole  in your heart is forever and you learn how to better 
deal with it and control the pain

Going through this ten years of meetings and writing l finally became acutely aware of the impact of writing had toward being able to restore quality back in my life
It was an immense therapy tool  

Writing now gives me enjoyment- satisfaction -the opportunity to express- share and learn thanks to all the writers at WO 
It took me years to recognize the value of writing 
My hope is that youhave already come to that realization 

Whether you are struggling to find your way- starting to see the light or reached 
a level of happiness and contentment 
Writing - reading and sharing in our  
Writers Outlet Community give us a common bond for support and enrichment 
I  look forward to reading- writing and learning from all my fellow writers 





  • Apr 26, 2019

  • Andy Fernandy

    Andy Fernandy

    I'm glad that you shared your story, your origin story of how you began writing. I am sorry for your loss and i hope you stay with this community for a long time.

    Apr 26, 2019

  • Can you give your honest opinion on my poem?

    Apr 26, 2019

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