Midnight Whispers Read Count : 4

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Sub Category : Fantasy

The wind whispered through the trees, the sweet sound sang to me, lifting my spirit instantly. The grass wrapped around my ankles the tender caress full of life, the moon was to bright to see the stars it was full of energy.

   The whispering was soft and sweet, gently bending and guiding the trees, the leaves hissing as they talked amongst themselves. The grass whisped across the ground a living carpet.

   The smell of earth filled the air, not quite rain but close enough. I reached out at my side feeling the wind brush my hands as if wishing to be petted.

   The wind tried to carry my hair but it couldn't quite lift it only strands, sometimes the whispering grew other times it was quiet a small chorus in the night accented by crickets and frogs.

   It was a beautiful night, the crisp air carried hints of warmth, I stared into the sky feeling like I could almost fly, but the breeze was to gentle but my soul wasn't.

    Energy courses through my body making the world spin around me, making my head light with glee. This is my world, my fairy realm. The moon made the edges of the leaves glow creating a wonderland around me.

    The moon gives me many gifts but this is one if my favorites, soft and wonderful. Again the whispers grew louder, trying to bring me into the conversation. Only to go quiet when I couldn't, I believed it was a whispering of a coming storm, or just friendly chatter.

    The moon whispered to me as well, speaking to my soul but not able to understand myself, I didn't mind it kept my mind wondering. 

   Leaves passed my face not quite brushing me, they danced in the wind, probably to the melodical whisperings that echoed around me.

    The peace this place brought me was worth the ignorance I had to the conversation around me, it seemed nature didn't mind. The moon reflected around me making the atmosphere a soft white color almost as if a mist settled across the ground.

    It was almost clear as the day, I could make out every outline every shape and texture. They may get creeped out during a night like this but I didn't, this was bliss a beautiful bliss.




  • Apr 27, 2019

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