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  A quiet walk along the path is a great way to clear ones mind, especially for me. The moon lit my way comforting me, my hand brushed along soft fur at my side. Sadness covered me.

   My best friend walked beside me for what felt like the last time, a beautiful goodbye. The soft moon blanketed me in a comforting embrace. 

   A chirp at my side let me know he was still here. A soft mist rolled in from the quiet ocean a gentle sway from the wind shifted it, rolling it at my side until it took shape. 

   I was looking at my friend, his soft eyes almost lifelike stared up at me filled with love. He hopped up on his back legs laying his giant paws on my shoulders, the dew from the mist created damp paw prints on my shirt.

   He bumped his head to my cheek and chirped at me again, a chirp he had only for me one that was filled with longing and love. I wanted to let him, i wanted to hug him.

   I did anyways I wrapped my arms around him surprised that he felt almost solid, the moon shined down full of empathy for me. His claws dug into me lightly as he pushed himself into me, the mist dissipated slightly.

   Staring into his eyes I felt the blame I had for myself build again, something that I had burried deep. I knew it wasn't my fault, he wanted to see me because he loved me and had done it before.

   It was an accident I wasn't around to prevent, I wasnt the one who clipped the chain that kept his enclosure closed. I wasn't the one driving the car that hit him.

    I wasn't sure what they were thinking when they broke in and let him out. Was it to free the animals? The ones that couldn't survive in the wild on their own? 

   Was it because they didn't approve a relationship with a wild animal? Even though he had chose me as his surrogate? The only one that could be around him with no danger?

   Answers that I'd never have answered, but staring into his big eyes I felt his comfort, his love. He didn't want me blaming myself that's why he was here.

   He jumped down the mist reforming, he turned and looked over his shoulder. He took off running and I took off after him following the steam like trail he left behind. 

   He skidded to a stop and I lept grabbing him and rolling into the sand. His playful growl filled the night air. I smiled threw my tears, he really was here. 

   We sat in silence, his giant head in my lap. My pants continued to soak but I didn't mind the warm air kept the chill away. I stared up as the clouds gave the moon a wide birth.

   The mist swirled around us. I ran my hand across his head and caught the spot on his cheek. He tilted his head as he tried to position just right to enjoy it to it's fullest.

   My hand went through him a little, the mist forming him collapsed and took form over and over again. "I miss you" I said to him, he opened his eyes and stared up at me.

   He missed me to, I pulled him higher onto my lap the way I had before many times. I hugged him close and sat that way for a while, his paws rested lightly on my shoulders.

    I'm not sure why we had the bond we did, I'm gratful to have had it. An experience that was unique and I was unsure if anyone else had it. My friends never blamed me for his death either.

   I didn't know why I blamed myself, he was a gift from them to me. He was mine ever since always searching for me and chirping when he saw me. Always gentle with me even on his bad days he wanted me when he didn't want anyone else.

   He was such a gift, my best friend. I took him for granted I thought he'd be with me for a long time. The moon shone brightly threw the mist making him glow in my arms. My tears falling onto him creating glowing orbs of their own.

    His soft rumble vibrated through my chest, he wasn't supposed to be able to pur but being around a house cat he got jealous and learned to use his growl as a pur.

   He looked like a bright faded blue star, little dropplets swarmed around him. He gave me comfort as much as the moon did, he often sat and stared at it as much as I have.

    I felt better, I let go of him. I stood up and walked to the edge of the water. We took one last walk along the edge, I kicked water at him he jumped away and crouched.

   I caught a piece of foam and he jumped to catch it. We played for a few hours. To my horror I realised the sun was coming up it washed across the water connecting with the sky.

   I rushed to him as he slowly began to fade with the mist. He bumped heads with me he chirped at me as tears casted down my face, the moon was almost gone.

    He stared into my eyes the only thing left a dim outline, I began to feel at peace. I was right a beautiful goodbye, a closure. He was free and he was with me always to protect me. His eyes faded, lingering for one last moment.

   He was gone, I stayed where I was looking at where his eyes used to be, he didn't blame me. He loved me the mist brushed past me with the breeze riding it away. 

   My soul felt light my sorrows dimmed to nothing. I looked to the sliver that was left with the moon thanking it for the gift it had granted me bidding it farewell. 

   My hand lingered to the fading paw prints taking in our last moment. I looked back to where he disappeared. Until we meet again my friend, until we meet again.


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