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Under the moon again it was different, it was full and filled with a new life. The atmosphere was brighter filled with powerful energy. It made my head swim from the intensity of it all.

   The golden yellow made it appear bigger, yet it still created the soft glow, the gentle being that it is. The moon waited patently for me.

  A light fog filled the area, playing with the moon's rays. It whirled and twisted crashing like waves. Yet it was gentle leaving a cool dew across my skin, leaving glowing drops across the trees and flowers.

    I watched in content as it grew thicker. still light enough to see through. It's beauty left me breathless, as the moon tangled with it creating different patterns of light.

   They cascaded around, rolling up and down currling in on itself. It was a beautiful sight to see, the patterns on the ground shifted as the light was cut away by the mist only to reappear once more.

   The moon created a spotlight for me, it wanted me to dance a new dance and become one with the fog as I was one with the moon. I was hesitant, a new playmate.

   It was tempting but it didn't feel like it was the night, it felt like there was more. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe the moon didn't want to dance.

    They usually say fog is a dangerous thing, in some situations yes but in this case it was different, the fog is usually great for reflection and contemplation, a sort of guide to the inner mind and soul.

   I fell into a quiet place, my mind began to wonder. I let the fog guide my thoughts, there was something I had to face but I don't know what that is.

   To the wakeful world they ignore the energies believing it as nothingness, not appreciating the little life around them, the sun begging for attention and love, I did not belong to the sun.

    The sun was to much for me, my fair skin couldn't handle it. I have tried, I liked the sun, it is warm and welcoming but it gets mad to easily.

   nor do they appreciate the night, the soft shadows or the glowing clouds that sometimes stay in the sky even when the sun disappears, the rays that bounce off of them creating a paint like look.

   The moon's glow, the subtle energies that flow are all ignored, fantasy they say. They are wrong. It's all around us the proof is there only to be ignored.

   A sadness filled me, only few truly appreciate nature and the subtle life the energies create with in it. A differeng type magic that only the sun and moon create.

   I felt a longing pull in my soul to share the experience, to brighten lives. The sadness grew and the pull strengthened. It wasn't my longing, it belonged elsewhere.

   I snapped back into the moment, laying back, this time as the energies forced it's way through me making me feel unstable. I stared up a full smile on my face.

   The forces of nature were trying to make me happy, it was working. I couldn't worry but I could hope, that is enough for me.

    The lonlieness hidden in my soul appeared making my chest tight, I stared up at the moon, the fog still beckoned to me. That may have been it, maybe I felt lonely. I didn't anymore.

   There was no loneliness, no heartache. It was chased away by the moon and cleared away by the fog. I watched, growing lighter within myself.

   I knew I was loved and appreciated, telling myself that everyday has changed a lot of outlooks and perspectives that one can easily perfect by their convictions by hard work.

   Telling yourself is one thing but it's worth it in the end, when you finally believe it you feel lighter and at peace.

   Able to connect with your surroundings and finding love within to share with the world, even if it's with the moon or sun maybe both.

  Energy is a powerful never ending substance, nor quite living but not quite nothing either, it can neither grow nor disperse unless it was allowed to.

   Even in the wakeful world I never forgot about the moon, the mist shrouded me begging for attention, continuing to crash around like a hyper puppy.

   Reaching out I swirled the mist creating new patterns, if you looked closely enough especially under such a radiant spot light. You could see the different currents the breeze provided.

   The moons lilt was different, not as soft as the night before. It didn't surprise me, the moon yet still gentle was more demanding, urging me to pick up where we left off. I stayed where I was and appreciated the moment.

   I love myself and I am important, my soul screamed it creating a whole new energy, calming the atmosphere to a quieter place. Quieting my head making me light enough to float.

   The fog tries to pick me up, not quite failing. My spirit took off playing and dancing, I laughed as the mist jumped and tumbled around me. It was a different kind of night full of thought and wonder.

   The fog had demanded a deep contemplation and I gave into it, feeling lighter. The chill didn't bother me it was soothing and cleansed me of my negativity.

  I was greatful. I didn't even notice when the sun began to rise again, the rays danced with the fog as the moon  said goodbye yet again.

   I stayed greeting the new day with vigor and love. The sun was gentle with me, it's morning rays soft against my skin clearing the glowing dew and chasing away the chill. A soft warm love as the sun greeted me.

   I felt sad that I had to leave the sun behind but greatful it accepted that I had to. I bid the moon and the fog farewell. Until we meet again.


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