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Aydin: Y'all ready!

Autumn: Yeah!

Addilyn: Yes!

Aydin: Who's paying for it though?

Addilyn: Elon.

Autumn: Cool.

Addilyn: Yeah, he said it was for a special reason.

Autumn: Oh..?

Addilyn: Who cares? Let's go girls, we'll thank Elon later.

They went out to the mall first.

Autumn: Aydin look at this!

Aydin: Haha, Autumn this is lingerie.

Autumn: Yeah I know.

Aydin: So why would... Ew! No!

Addilyn: Come on Aydin, Elon is a hot guy, you should do it with him.

Aydin: Ah! I'm getting you a bell!

Addilyn: Don't switch the subject.

Aydin: No; no.

Addylin: I would do it..

Aydin: What?

Addilyn: Nothing..

After going to the mall the went to a park.

Autumn: Come on Addilyn, we can go on a quick ride while Aydin finds a parking spot.

Addilyn: Alright.

They went on the ferris wheel and talked.

Addilyn: Ugh! Aydin is so lucky she has Elon.

Autumn: Elon is lucky he has Aydin!

Addilyn: I want Elon so bad but that would break Aydin's heart, and she's my best friend, don't want to do that.

Autumn: Same here. I'm not sure how Elon would feel, but he's our friend, and I don't want to mess anything up.

Addilyn: Ugh, I have...have...dreams..of Elon and me...doing the nasty...

Autumn: Oh... Honestly, me too with Aydin...

Addilyn: Wow, we are just so desperate for them...

Autumn: Yeah, we are..

After Aydin found the parking spot, the girls hungout and got on all the rides and played all the games.

Autumn: Movies?

Addilyn: Yeah.

Autumn: Aydin?

Aydin: Yeah, let's go.

They went to the movies.


Addilyn: Why did we come see Nights in Death Valley?

Autumn: You chose this. It was either this or Fiji Love.

Aydin: Fiji Love would've been better than this scary movie.

*Women in movie: Aaaahhhhh!*

Aydin: No! I'm going to go see Fiji Love, bye. After seeing her head ripped off, nope I'm done.

Addilyn: Me too. Bye Autumn.

Autumn: Bye.

Both movies ended and the girls got together near the soda fountains.

Autumn: This fun.

Addilyn: Yeah!

Aydin: We need to do this again. And we can bring Emily along this next time.

Addilyn: Yeah!

Autumn: Stalio is coming to pick us up. Sleepover, my place?

Aydin: Yeah.

Addilyn: Yeah.

Stalio picked them up.

Stalio: How was your gals night out?

Addilyn: Amazing!

Stalio: That's good.

Stalio brought them home and everyone stayed over at Autumns for the weekend.


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