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   There are often days, when we don't feel like reaching to our full potential. We hurt, we feel strained, we may be in pain. A person who is normal, able to live a normal life without any handicap doesn't know the reality of what it's like to live with a built-in restraint. Until that is, something befalls them and then they come to realize you don't know what you lose until you've actually lost it. Whenever I was at a store, I heard a woman say she had broken her leg. Then she said how difficult it was for her to walk. It makes me think of my own past and how I had difficulty doing things.

   I hate to seem harsh to people, but sometimes it makes me angry. It makes me angry, because people like her lack empathy for people like me, until something happens to people like her. Not that I want people to suffer, and nor do I want someone's pity. The fact is though, you don't really understand until you've been born with something. The depths of pain it causes everyday, throughout the majority of your life. How it influences choices you make, and how it controls the directions you have to take to keep it under control. It's a harsh reality, but you might think you have empathy for people. Some people are rarely born with empathic souls.

   Most people are not born that way though, and they have to learn the hard way what it's like to be me. I have feelings of sadness, every time I hear of someone's suffering. Here's the truth though, you don't understand my suffering because I started it at the very beginning. And I will live through it until the end. It's sad to say this though, but sometimes that empathy doesn't last, whenever they end up healing. Then they revert back to their old selves. On occasion, you might find someone that actually learned from that experience. Not everyone does so though, and that's a harsh reality I have to accept. I was born with a pre-existing condition, yet I've been able to hide my suffering behind closed doors. Only letting you looking through window when I want it to be open. I tried to live an easier life, and try to take care of myself. But, thanks to my pre-existing conditions I've also learned more deeply about human emotion than most people could learn in their lifetime. At a young age, I was gifted with the ability to sense people's feelings around me.

   On the way outside of that store, when I was putting the groceries in a car a voice next to me shouted a single word. " Hi!" Said a little boy who didn't know me. Seated next to his brother with his mother or possibly sister or aunt. Nowadays you never know. It was all I could do to smile at him and say "Hello!" Back at this small boy. The young woman seated on the passenger side chuckled at the boy's abrupt friendliness. I stared at the smiling boy and continued on to get in the passenger side. Leaving the scene with some hope.


  • Kinda like being born to be a killer but you fight the urge to want to hurt people

    Apr 26, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    I relate to taking aspects of your life for granted until you’re unable to do them People should appreciate what they have for once you loose it and become dependent on others it’s to late If you see someone with a non- reversible condition don’t turn away just count your blessings For whatever condition they have they are human and have feelings just like you 🦋very insightful 🦋great work🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 27, 2019

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