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He. Uh well, Well he's an 8th grader. I loved him so much. But he thought I cheated. His name Andrew (or Andy). Me oh I'm a mystery. Some call me Meteor orAshes and mostly I was know for my looks. The cutest girl in 8th grade. My hairs blonde blueish grayish eyes not that tall. I'm normal to some extent. But Andy saw more in me. Like I had a dragon or I'm the only girl who plays the combat in the entire school. But like I said I'm different. SO different. My dad is the leader of hell and my mom is the leader of heaven. Now I know I'm strange. I mean I'm the only person who walks around with one angle wing (that looks like a thousand stars) and one demon wing(that looked like my wing had just been burned by lava and the lava is still on it). Everyone else is either a demon or an angel. Not me. Andy is an angel. Isabel is an angel. Kai is an demon. So what do they look like. Andy is a dirty blonde with streaks of yellow. He loves black. And he plays tumberball. Really gray angel wings. (Not normal for an angel to have a dark colored wings). His wings are like a beautiful thunder storm). Now isabel has really light blonde hair. She has a twin (kai). She loves pink and is so obsessed with Andy. She has really white wings. There small wings and pretty ugly. Kai well he ,he looks nothing like Isabel. He has brown hair that covers his right eye. He plays urban ball. He's cute but not the cutest. Big black wings(like an assassin's wings). And I know it's strange for Isabel and Kai to be related even though Kai a demon and Isabel is an angel. Well their parents cheated on each other a lot. And I know your probly wondering why do demons and angels go to the same school well are school is strange. But are school got even stranger. A new boy walked in and he looked like me. The same wings. Everyone froze. Andy knew he was going to get in are relationship. At lunch I heard yelling. Then Isabel yelled at me "ASHES HURRY THE NEW KID IS GOING TO KILL ANDY." I flew so fast to behind the building. Then I yelled "YO RETARD STOP CHOLKING HIM." He turned around. I saw that face...Caden? My whole world sank. Of course it has to be Caden. So many thoughts stabbing my brain. I felt paralyzed.


  • love it so far can't wait to read more

    Apr 27, 2019

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