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 I walked down a dark ally from a long day at work.  A midnight breeze  by scattering my long black  hair.  Suddenly I heard someone calling my name. 

"Luna, I've been looking for you." Said the person who has been calling my name is turned around to meet my sister lovely smile 

"Aurora, I thought u were in Washington." I said stunned to see she's back

 I never got along with my sister. Even thought she was my twin we are the complete opposite,  she has beautiful golden blonde hair that everyone envies while I have a raven black hair,  she has a beautiful emerald green eyes I have sad grey color.  She's 5'7 while I'm 5'5 it sometimes gets tiring to look up just to meet her eyes while talking.  Our mother loves her but thinks I was a mistake,  because I remind her to much of our father who left us when we were 3.

" I came back yesterday how have you been its been four years since we lat seen each other. " Aurora said in a calm sweet voice it got on my nerves

" I've been great actually,  I've been working a lot to provide for our mother who isn't satisfied with anything I do,  Longing for her precious Aurora to come home. " I said with an aditude I was still mad at her for leaving me with our mother who despises me while knowing. 

"Luna, Your not still mad aren't you?  For leaving you with mom. " Aurora said

"Of course I'm not mad I just pretend not to be satisfied with you leaving me to deal with mother. " I said with hatered in my voice. 

 I turned around and walked away I walk towards my small apartment.  I live upstairs from a bar.  The owner of the bar is my boyfriend's dad Mr. Hamilton.  He gave us an apartment up here for our 3 anvirsery.  Alex my boyfriend got called to be deported to the war a year ago I get letters from him ever week.  

 I walk up the stairs to my apartment before I could get to the door Mr.  Hamilton stopped me and reminded me that my rent for this month is due Friday.  I knocked and walked into my apartment it was small my living room was connected to kitchen and had one room and a small bathroom.  

As I walked in my phone stated going off I let it go to voice mail it was to tired to answer it.  I walk to my room gathered my clothes and took a shower. Once I got out the shower and was dress I slowly walked across the dark hallway into my room.  I slowly layed down in my bed.  As I lied there I wonder if Alex was thinking about me or if he was alright.  As the hours pass by I drifted off to sleep. Even though I have to get up in a few hours. 


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