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Siting in the dark on my bed.... only left with the thoughts in my head. I sleep all day and stay up all night... nothing but moon light shines through my bedroom window. I see shadows in the light of the moon through my window, simple shrubbery trying it's best to block out the moons penetrating light. The shadows play tricks on my eyes I get a little freaked out but eventually I calm down. As I get up from my bed to look out the window I get chills, my house is always cold. Step by slow,  dreary, tired step I finally reach the window and look out at my dark neighborhood. So quiet, not a car on the street, slightly disturbing but yet not. Usually it's so noisy. I hate noise. "To night is a nice night" I think to myself, while I stare up at the couple blotches of stars that remain, and haven't been blocked from the street lights light pollution. It's a full moon tonight. Its summer and that's the only reason I'm not asleep. Things have been kinda rough with my parents lately... they argue and we dont talk very much anymore so were all distant. It almost seems as if we pretend to love each other... sad really, I dont have anyone to help me when I need help because they argue, sleep, eat, work and lecture me about time managment. I cant help it sometimes when I have to clean or something I stall because i feel overwhelmed. I get tired of my thoughts and want to go outside for some fresh air. I back off the window and grab a jacket because I'm still cold, then I head out my bedroom door. I walk out and get a weird feeling, chills form and hairs stand up on my skin. It's dark and I cant see a thing. They say the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown and I surely didn't know what was in front of me so I was kinda scared. I get scared allot, it's just me. I get super scared, and I have an overactive imagination. Any way I reach for my back pocket and pull out my phone and go to settings to turn on my flash light. I tap the screen and on goes my light. Trusty phone as long as its fully charged and it has signal. I look toward where I expect the lamp to be,where it was yesterday and everyday before. I walk towards it slow because I'm sleepy, and I feel like if I move to fast I might alert what ever monster is crawling about in my imagination. I turn the little doo dad on the lamp until I hear a click and the light turns on. Light fills the room with a warm glow, not to bright. It was almost as if the lamp just woke up, and it wasn't shining to its fullest potential. I walk towards my front door and unlock it wanting to hurry up and get in some outside time. I open the door fast and close my eyes and take in the cool night air... only to open my eyes and calmly exhale. I look at the driveway after wards because that's where everyone usually looks after they open up they're front door. My heart started beating fast and my blood ran cold...  On the inside I was dying, so worried what happened, why aren't they here yet, did they die? I open my eyes after my breath yes I do... I open my eyes to see that my parents aren't home yet and they should be. They should be here. I panic allot and I shake trying to navigate through my phone and call my dad. I've always been a Daddy's girl, I have the best dad in the whole world, but where is he. It rings loud and eerie. Ring....ring.....ring...ring... Despite all my efforts to get a hold of my father I cant... ring...ring...ring...ring... He's nOt AnSwEriNg! I start freaking out more of course, how am I supposed to be calm and collective. I breath fast and sweat beads drip down my face. I'm worried, so worried. Then out of no where BOOM in the distance, in the direction of my dad's job. If you can imagine this did not help my brain, if anything my cells split in half, like the atoms in the explosion. After a few seconds I can feel the impact of the blast at a lower level as it traveled it's way to me and lost some of its energy. It almost blows me away, I cant imagine what its life for the people up close. I just hope my mommy and daddy made it out alive, we might not get along now but I had hoped one day we might. Now my dreams may have just been blasted away-pun intended. Me and my dark sense of humor... I start to cry, i begin to lose hope


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