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Maybe it’s me
I don’t know 
I’m reading poems here
That really glow
Being astounded by the talent 
That so much is revealing 
Reading  so many - they’re more than just appealing 

 I’m not a critic or a literary brain 
I love to read poetry for the pleasure I gain 
I think my works average- I’m willing to say
But reading so many here
Just put me away

The variety of structure -the creativity of expression 
The imagery my mind-evokes
Through my daily reading session 

Another gift I’ve been given
A total -total surprise 
Is learning from your writings
Is an unexpected prize

As you continue to write 
And I continue to read
The work gems your creating 
Fulfill a great need

I hope you have found
From the work that  you have done
An enhancement in you life 
To reach a better one



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  • Apr 26, 2019

  • Beautiful 💜

    Apr 26, 2019

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