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Concerning gossip brethren beloved friends, the devil uses this tactic to attack children of Almighty GOD. The devil has made gossip so delicious to extent of addiction [ Prov18:8]. It is spread by wicked to bring anger [Prov25:23] break relationships and stir trouble [Prov16:28] in our lives. I don't write to expose and only advertise the devil, I write to fulfill the joy of the LORD in fullness [1John1:4]. This gospel I want to preach operates in gossip. JESUS made gospel to be positive gossip by HIS authoritative righteous character. [Mark1:27_ 28] Positive gossip made JESUS famous and firm for the good [Mat4:24] Especially when HE was away, gossip sprang up both negatively and positively [John7:12]. The cause and centre of gossip was HIS identity [Mark8:27] amongst the people to an extent that it was within HIS disciples [Mark8:29]. So my friends, wearing righteousness character or anointing of righteousness makes gossip to be positive. As long as we have the identity of our true master king of glory JESUS, we must gossip the gospel inside the negative gossip to turn gossippers to worshippers. Rumours are constructed around us for this reason, lets continue with the good work of CHRIST my friends, HE was and HE is able to take us through this gossip by gospel [Mark8:30] While those who spread negative gossip remain fools [Prov10:18] remain untrustworthy [Prov11:13] we resist [2Cor12:20] negative gossip as it is for GOD haters [Rom1:30] to remain resilient with our identity of CHRIST JESUS, HIS name is enough to conquer wicked constructed rumours, wicked manipulation which attempts to falsify our identity of HIM

My friends I could have written more on this scroll but as you know some of HIS WORD is too powerful to be written, hoping to preach these things soon. If I say I will not write nor preach , it cant, I cant hold it because its passover fire shut in my bones, I must just let it flow [Jer20:9]. 

m from work, my eyes are itchy now

Be blessed beyond world horizons
I Clement loves you all, shalom


  • Priest Clement

    Priest Clement


    Apr 25, 2019

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