I Am Alix Blair Read Count : 31

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

Normal it seems to be the topic everyone is talking about. Who is, who isn't, and why they are or not. Before, yes I did consider myself normal. Did others, I would think so. At this point looking back, I asked, why me? I am average. I have a slender short frame. That is quite average. My name is Alex Meryh Rydel. it's a pretty normal name. I'm your normal average girl, so why? It probably sounds like I am crazy, ranting as I am. Then I asked myself, why would you care, you're just a blank book. You are not real. But, I will pretend you are for the sake of my sanity.I would tell you how I came upon you Book, but that would be starting at the end of my story. If you were real Book, you would care as to where my story begins and ends. So I should do this correctly and start at the beginning. A normal beginning where my people are still living and I was still normal.


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