I'll Give In Read Count : 41

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance

You think you get can back to me so easily? 

You think I'll just let you get close to me again after everything you did? Are you blind?

I don't talk to you because there's nothing to say. Not unless you want to hear me tell you my opinion of you. 

I was rude to you that time because I knew if I let you in you would break my heart all over again.

I did what I did today because I need to keep myself away from you. I can't let you in again or else I'll repeat all the mistakes I already made.

So don't think you can just come back like that.

Don't act like you're the one who did nothing wrong when it's the other way around.

Don't act all innocent and chill.

Don't touch my hair.

Don't touch my hand.

Keep your hands off me or I'll give in.

I don't want to give in.


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