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I am inside my house alone right now, my mom and brother had to go to court because my brother did something bad with drugs. I am on my couch typing this out so, I guess I can tell a little story when my dad came home from truck driving.

It was Friday in April, and my dad came home from work. My brother I will call JB had a lawn mower that didn't work, so my dad took the lawn mower and chained it up to the Jeep we have. Everyone got on the lawn mower and we went around the little tree we have in the front yard. It was very fun but, don't do it at home because a accident happened with my brother MA I will call him. When my dad was going around a corner my brother kinda fell off and got hurt, but not badly though.

It is Easter, and my dad is still home and after my sister TY and her husband R had dinner with us we went outside. We went around the little "Race Track" in our front yard. My brother MA fell off again but, the lawn mower  went over him. He got hurt badly too, so we stopped and R when he tried my mom said " I have never seen R smile so big and laugh so hard in my life". I was laughing also of what my dad was saying.When he stopped the Jeep the lawn mower would crash into the back of the Jeep, my dad was saying" When I stop aim for the thing that is holding the chain on OK?". When R did that it went hard too, he was laughing really hard and kept on going and it ended when MA fell. I had a really fun Easter hopefully y'all did too, and don't try what I did.


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    Apr 25, 2019

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