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Your girl know I'm cute, that's why you don't like me, I'm falling need a parachute, fall into a pair of hoots, that's high key, likely, to happen, hide in the shade I'm Batman, but I'm not slim or marshal, like take care of the mathers at hand, I'm drake the way I got back to back man, stay right there Stan and kill you where you stand, but you can do that yourself with your wife in the trunk, you crazy you drunk, as the car snuck off the bridge, Stan son dad isn't mad just disappointed, I'll leave and never come back I'll shoot you if you lack with click clack bang go back to the shade slim you're not in spotlight anymore, but your blood and gore are that's why you have security awwe you want me to protect you I'll hold back, like I'm running in a sack for an 8 mile run so I don't have to shoot you with a gun have you toasted like a cinnamon bun you are a sin of a man wanting the love of grown woman that's Kim left you had mommy issues and kept crying into dirty tissues. While taking Haleys purity, crack a quality  vodka bottle over your head till you collapse on the floor, welcome to slim shady shore, get you with a cannon that actually hits, smoking some cannabis chilling in bliss, it only cost 50 cents, got you scared with the shits, I'm smoking on that cannibas rolling in the Benzino I'm ja ruler sit down the real Silm shady been standing up with Haley giving me head and coming back like the comet


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