The Acestonians Part 1 Read Count : 20

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

Anna sat there in her classroom, looking bored as usual. It was her least 

favorite lesson; History. There were no interesting things to ever learn 

about, all they learnt about is the history of a faraway land that they once apparently found but never came back to because they were called criminals; some place called Aceston. Anna didn't believe that the place was real, but many people did and dreamt that they will find it one day.  Anna called it rubbish. Why would anyone want to just strut into a place where they're called criminals, especially if the place didn't exist? "Oi! Anna Nicole Hart!" Anna's teacher snapped at her, bringing her back to earth. "What?" Anna asked in a more heated voice than she really wanted. She paid for this dearly. "Why are you yelling at me like that? Have some respect for your teacher, Mrs Hart! Detention!" Said Mr. Mack. Anna swore under her breath. Detentions from Mr. Mack were always the worst. He usually got people to sit and write lines for hours after all their lessons were completed, and then after he asked if you had written your lines more than 500 times and if you didn't, he'd ask you to do so. He also knew if you were lying, so nobody dared try.

People sometimes whispered that he himself was a part of the group that met the Acestonians, because he knew so much about it. There were some fifth year girls in Anna's class that would tell anyone who would listen that Mr. Mack himself was an Acestonian. Nobody really knew much about Mr. Mack, because most people just dozed off in his classes. There was only one person who would really listen to the history of the Acestonians, and it was a person Anna was less than fond of. The boys name was Edwin Colbolta, and he was always just chattering on and on in the study room of the boarding school, Manaman School. It was very disturbing when you found him over your shoulder while you were doing homework and telling you that you were doing something wrong, and then chattering on again, telling you exactly how he did it.

Anna's troubles didn't stop at Edwin, though. Soon there were weird people in cloaks always traveling the school grounds, even though in the summer it was always deserted. Anna spent long hours looking at the hooded figures, even when nobody would do it. Wow, i thought people would be more interested in the hooded figures, Anna thought uncertainty. Then one of the first graders came up to Anna and asked what she was looking at. Anna recognised the first year as Kate Moss, a girl that had apparently survived great hardships at the small age of eight. She was now eleven, and some of the scars of her battle remained. There were a lot of scars on her cheeks and forehead, and she was completely missing her nose. If that wasn't strange, than she wouldn't tell anyone what happened to it, even when people threated her with putting Exploding Wax in her food the next day, (Exploding Wax was a sort of cream that turned invisible once you rubbed it into food, and when you ate it, the cream made you vomit all day.)

A day after Anna's strange encounter with Kate, who could apparently not see the hooded figures, they were swooping into the school, for Anna even making History more interesting. But she knew she was under attack, along with the rest of the school, so she dismissed these thoughts and came round to one conclusion; Fight... or Flee.


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