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 Hello everyone, the 5th chapter of 'Lost' will be released a little late.. it must be a coincidence since it's the last chapter of 'Lost'. Now, I have something else to say, too. After 'Lost' is over, there will be another series called 'I'm Fine'. So it'll be like a 2nd season or something. 

     Anyways, after the last chapter of 'Lost ', Park will be taking a break for a little bit for planning the next 'season'. Personally, I look forward to it, because.. 

      This series has been pretty emotional and sad because of all the drama. Of course, there will be some drama in 'I'm Fine'. To be quite honest, while I was creating this series, I had some moments where it almost made me cry reading over it. 

         I'll try to make the next season a little brighter. In return, I hope you are excited! 



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