The Cat Named Tuesday, Chapter One Read Count : 6

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I ran upstairs and grabbed my hairbrush. I brushed my hair al fast. The reason I was in such a rush is because I'm getting a new cat. So I ran downstairs again and told my mom," can we go now?" I asked in a exciting voice. My mom was washing the dishes. She grabbed one plate and scrubbed it and said," don't rush. We will go be patient." I frowned. I decided to watch cat shows. It was like been hours! I never went that day. Then my mom flipped the dishwasher close and told me," let's go." She grabbed the keys and called my brother,and father. When we all got in the car a brought my phone and watched YouTube for tips for taking care of cats. One video that freaked me out is that this cat ripped the inter of her skin and ripped tje wallpaper off the owner's wall. " we are here." She sang. I felt a little scared because what if the cat ripped my head off! I really wanted a cat until I watched that freaky video. I bolted by my mom. " mom...." I said in a quiet voice. But my mom didn't hear me at all. I murmured to myself a thought. Maybe I'm to quiet . Then I thought I this. " MOM! I WATCHED A FREAKY VIEDO! AND IF I GET A CAT THEN I WILL DIE!" But I knew it was a bad idea so I didn't say it. When we went through the door I sprinted to the cash register. And started to talk fast. "Cats are dangerous!" I whispered. But the cash register lady didn't care. I looked carefully at the pet's. And then I saw a hamster. " ooh! Can I get a hamster mom!" But my looked at me and gave me the name of the look. " honey? We came for cat Not a hamster." I walked around the store. Then I spotted the most precious kitten ever. She had a brown furry coat. A soft and tiny head. And she was a kitten. I decided to name her Tuesday. " Tuesday" I said to myself. I picked up the kitten and hugged it. I ran to my mom shouting," MOM! Hey MOM! Can I buy this kitty! Can I can I can I can I!" My mother looked at the kitty. " okay let's pay for it" my dad set the kitten on the table and the cash register lady was checking the kitten out. She also gave us food for the kitty. " have a nice day!" I walked out of the store with my new kitten named Tuesday. She was adorable. In the car she slept the whole time. Maybe taking care of a kitty can be easy after all! Well she is a baby cat but when she grows. I grow. I took her in the house. I put her stuff in my closet and then I took a tiny nap. Well tomorrow I will start loving the DAY!


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