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  It filtered through the trees, it's soft gentle demanding beauty hit me, it danced across my skin turning the world a ghostly pale fairy land. The moon stood out against the sky the stars accenting it's radiance like a diamond in light blue velvet.

  The wind played with the leaves around me, hugging me as it danced through the air. I drank in the soft glow appreciating the gentle energy it provided.

   The moon sang a lonely lilt into the night but I didn't feel lonely. The gentle smile felt like a playful tease begging to play, I wanted to dance the ballad that only nature could provide but I stood.

  The gentle charge never letting me tire as I stared into the sky, the trees echoed it's own melody melding with the moon's gentle song l, a beautiful symphony that clashed with the quiet demanding for it to play.

   The grey shadows played across my skin like a slow walzt the only break from the moon's glow, my soul sang with the moon's gentle toon begging to be heard. 

    I stood admiring the undisturbed world, afraid of breaking the glass like atmosphere, taking in the cold crisp air full of the smell of leaves and nothingness, almost smelling the moon's timid rays.

  Delighted that I was invited to witness such power of the world around me, the creatures aprecciating it as much as I do rested in the calmness.

  This is my bliss, my energy swayed with the ballad but I stood, still watching, observing such magic as it gathered around me sinking into my spirit. 

    The moon's lilt grew louder as my spirit danced and whirled gracefully inside of me, reaching into my dark crevices of my mind and silencing the chaos that only the moon could do.

   The wind mirrored me, picking up the leaves and loose grass creating a duet with my spirit, this is my bliss. I could feel the pull of the moons love and acceptance as I watched the shadows dance with us.

   Why do we miss such things? The beauty of the hidden world around us that only come out in quiet times. The gentle touch of nature.

   Why do we rush through things? Only to ignore what's around us, the fairy land we can see if we slow down. That maybe we can touch within our reach.

   Why do we ignore the beauty? That comes out during the day as much as night, is it to bright to see such things as we can at night?

   The shatter proof beauty continued to grow as I watched quietly, a quiet laugh escaped me as I stood in awe, I could feel the moon appreciating me as I appreccaited it.

    The tranquility of it all was mine an offering of gratitude that I could keep, I didn't want it, I wanted this my bliss. Only a small piece of the infinite love.




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