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Soldier story

I used to be a solider, I was a soldier until the day of the incident...

The day of the incident there was only meant to be a quick run towards the little Arab town, it wasn't longer than an hour run. All we needed was water...

We was in the MRAP, just talking about getting home to our families, who we deeply miss so much. 

We heard some children shouting and playing so we shared stories about our children back home and all the stupid shit they have been up to while we serve our country. I told the story about how my son made pasta art in school about me, it had "good luck daddy!" in pasta, it was extremely cute. The kid is 4 so good luck wasn’t spelt right, it was actually spelt "godluck" but it was still an amazing and cute gift. 

Anyway, we was talking about our families but one of the soldiers, Eric, didn't have a family cause they had all died the year before in a terrorist attack. He almost killed himself many times. It was confirmed that he had depression and anxiety, I found out after... the incident. He was saying how him and his family used to do loads of fun days like going to the fair, to the cinemas or the beach, he said how his eldest daughter would always moan about how her feet would have sand in between her toes. He then went on to say about how his son loved the beach because he was allowed to fly his drone and run into the ocean, Eric and his wife always thought he was going to be a marine life protector because of how much he loved the ocean and how much he cared for the creatures in the ocean. Eric was the most broken but also the one keeping everyone happy and laughing, he couldn't bear it if someone was sad, he was the most funny soldier I've ever met. He was also one of the best marksmen on the base. He started to cry his eyes out telling the story about his kids and wife, we decided to hold a minute silence for his family, he started to tear up during the minute silence.

We finished talking about how families as we arrived at the village and we started to unload the crates of water to put the water in, about 3 of us unloaded as the other 3 went a searched the perimeter. It was deemed to be safe... when in reality, it wasn't. 

We unloaded the crates and we started to fill them up, it was slow but it was filling up. I noticed a door open on a vacant house, I also noticed a shine as if the sun had hit metal. It was a gun, to be more specific the metal shining was actually a M16. I think they sprayed a chrome like colour on it because it should not of shone in the sun. The boy holding the gun screamed something in Arabic, I screamed at top of lungs "GET THE FUCK DOWN!" But no one could hear me over the gunfire. One of the soldiers in my squad, Johnathan, got shot in the spine and the right shoulder blade and he bled to death, fast but very painfully. I suffered a bullet to the left ankle, and it tore right through the skin and got stuck deep inside the muscle. I couldn’t give up on my squad, so I pushed through the pain of the bullet, slowing digging even more into my ankle


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