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We have been given all the tools
For our life’s journey- physical-mental and emotional 
They vary in each individual and are dertermimed by hereditary and social influences from birth
Some are born or develop handicaps or disabilities 
How we recognize and utilize this 
equipment is complicated- at times confusing and depressing as well as joyous and fulfilling as we go through 
the living process 
Whatever our faith or life philosophy is we often ask ourselves “why me?”
when difficult or disastrous situations 
How we respond to all situations varies 
But we can be aided by self awareness- knowledge - support from others and our faith and beliefs
Whatever combinations we choose -
what qualities we can utilize to deal
with each issue- good or bad is a personal decision
“Live your life” is a statement I’ve heard often
Our goal is to live our lives with the  happiness and fulfillment we desire 

Something to contemplate and evaluate 

“You can’t be a good friend until like who you are.
You can’t love someone until you like
yourself “

True or not? Its for us to answer for ourselves 


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