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Buying a walk-in cooler is a long-term investment. Regular maintenance of your product can boost longevity for years and years. There are some simple and sensible maintenance practices that can extend the service time of cooling equipment. There is a famous saying that prevention is much better than cure. So, your careful maintenance will optimize the lifetime of the equipment. We are sharing the information on how to maintain walk-in coolers.

You should maintain a routine task to keep your cooler working. Some of the maintenance needs to be done daily and some of them are monthly or yearly. Buy the best quality products from if your cooler becomes too old to use.

Daily attention
You have to be careful while storing goods inside. Do the task as fast as possible to avoid pulling down the load of refrigeration systems.  Your regular maintenance will not only increase the lifetime but also increase the efficiency of the cooler. Use a fridge thermometer to check the temperature regularly. You should maintain 32F and 41F in the coldest part of the walk-in cooler. Monitor the temperature regularly to get maximum service of your product.

Monthly tasks
All the critical components like compressor, condensing fan, motor, and the coil should be monitored. If a problem appears on the unit, all the system will fall. You have to keep it clean and efficient. A monthly cleaning can be worthy. While cleaning, shut the power off and use an air compressor to clean it well. The flow of air can blow the dust away.

You need to clean the condenser coil monthly. It will provide optimum heat and continue performing. Remove the obstacles in front of the air flower that assures proper airflow across the room. Check the floor and the door to discover any leak or damage.

Yearly maintenances
Yearly maintenance is very important for your walk-in cooler. You can consult a professional to take a system check-up. Every part of the cooler needs to be checked especially the compressors, motors, and the lubricant fans. Check out the walls, floor, and door for leaks. Total cleaning up is mandatory for monthly maintenance. Your door lock should be pliable and any discomfort with the door needs to take seriously. It is better to replace the lock if it becomes questionable.

Any abnormal things regarding your walk-in cooler need to be considered. If you hear a sound from the cooling system, you should call a technician to check-up the system. Beginning steps are better than getting your goods rotten. Never ignore any minor problem of your cooler as it contains costly foods. Taking service from a technician, temperature monitoring is needed for walk-in cooler. If you keep your cooler outside your house, examine the circumstances carefully. The roof of the house is very important. Check it carefully.  


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