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GODOPEDIAOLOGY looks at both LILITH & MARY and don't know how to begin the discussion. Time passes and it proved tough for 3 of them and finally

LILITH: Are you alright?


LILITH: Yuk, do I look so old

MARY: Stop it. LOGY, no formalities. You can call her LILY and myself as MARY.


GODOPEDIAOLOGY feels that out of both the ladies, MARY is soft and sweet but nothing is known about LILITH

LILITH: Why are you still shivering?

MARY: LOGY, make yourself comfortable

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Both of you look like twins. The only difference is the dress code, you are in black and MARY, you are in white

LILITH: Actually I don't like wearing black but SATAN told me that you like black so I thought let me wear it for you

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: You have worn this black gown for me

LILITH: Of course, you though not so handsome and macho still have some unknown glow in your eyes and that is attracting me towards you

MARY: Stop it LILY, don't start your act here also. Allow him to stay normal and don't forget he is a believer of GOD

LILITH: You are shouting at me as if I have tried to rape him. Right from the starting time till now I am just looking at him, I feel I should take him with me and teach him how to behave with ladies?

MARY: Why you want to spoil him now? Don't forget I am here just for that purpose only and don't try to act smart with me

GODOPEDIAOLOGY remembers CHRIST words and feels O GOD, My starting play with this ladies have become so worst and is proving like a nightmare, how will I stay with them and discuss matters concerning to this planet. PLEASE HELP ME. 


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    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    You disgust me

    Mar 31, 2019

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    Mar 31, 2019

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