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It is very obvious that one can not understand the mind of a human. Our minds are filled with positive and negative thoughts. Very often when we are inclined to positive thoughts then our minds started To produce positive vibes in us ultimately resultend  in our actions. Therefore good action sprouts from positive vibes on the other hand when our minds are more prone To negative thoughts then our minds become negative thus we end up in mess. Therefore let's fill our minds more and more with  positive vibes rather than the negative things. Even though we are surrounded by many negative force let our mind be always attune To the positive side. Since we have a capacity To assimilate between good and bad therefore it is our choice to decide. At the same time it is too difficult for any one to comprehend the human mind and the thoughts that are going on there and still it is an Unanswered question. Well we can get no answer for that. 


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