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Oh how could you just come and make me feel. So special and show me that this love thing is real. Thank you for that cause I never thought we would be here so happy. Never do I have to worry about you leaving or playing games with me cause we are in this together until the very end . That’s something we said from day one and we have been holding on to it cause we both want this. And never will we break up cause we are falling in love oh yes I can see the future for us and it is looking so bright. Sweetheart let’s be together until the very end cause what we have is something so real that I never want it to end unless God calls one of us home and even then our love will live on for an eternity. Cause that’s the type of love we have and most people search there whole life waiting for. But God made us just for each other and he will always be in the front of our union. For and always your one and only.


  • awwwwww so sweet

    Mar 30, 2019

  • Mar 30, 2019

  • princess  hill

    Princess Hill


    Apr 01, 2019

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