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Anchor Industries, Inc. is your source for the best in clear span tents. These structures are essential when presentation and size is critical. Whether for sale or rental, w showcase clear tents made from durable materials for weather protection. These units fare better than traditional pole tents for all types of outdoor gatherings and socials. Similarly, they are the ideal solution for large product launches, outdoor banquets, and management and hosting events. As always, these units offer ample space and room, and never serve as obstacles to focal points of your functions.

The Many Benefits of Clear Span Tents
There are several benefits associated with clear span tents for your outdoor events. Whether you own an event hiring business or plan functions, these items are guaranteed to meet your needs within time and budget. In fact, they are durable, flexible, and not hard to install. They also utilize space efficiently, while still leaving ample room for tables, chairs, product tables, catering, entertainment and more. Clear span tents are as close to permanent structures as you can get. These products also continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews across the board. Here are some more advantages of buying or renting these units from your seasoned and professional clear span tent manufacturer:
•	Clear span tents resist all types of inclement weather conditions. This includes heavy wind gusts and rain, along with harmful UV rays from the sun. These tents also stand over extended periods of time for corporate parties, private events, sporting shows, trade expos and even team-building gatherings.
•	Clear span tents are made from fire-resistant materials and lightweight alloys. This ensures maximum safety for event hosts, teams, and all attendees and guests. They also fully comply with all temporary enclosure rules.
•	These units are weather-proof and designed to last for years to come. They make a great addition to your outdoor marketing/advertising and event function collateral
•	These tents can be assembled from the ground level. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment and/or installation teams.
Clear Span Tents Offer Optimal Space Allocation
Clear span tents are heralded for the space they offer inside. They are equipped with complete frame structures – with no center poles that hinder views for guests and patrons. Similarly, there are no supporting mechanisms that serve as obstacles to interior space allocations. With a high level of HVAC efficiency, these tents keep all guests cool and comfortable. As always, clear span tents prevent inclement weather from gaining a foothold within your outdoor brunch, corporate banquet or social events. Here are some of the top clear span structures we offer at Anchor Industries, Inc:

PZ Party Series Clear Span Tents
The PZ Party Series Clear Span Tents line is perfect for small parties and industry events. They work well for family socials, trade shows, and neighborhood parties as well. Available in 2.3M and 3M upright configurations, PZ structures offer true flexibility and functionality for any outdoor event or party. These clear span tents are also modular in nature, which means you can purchase components and accessories for optimal customization. The PZ Party Series fabric panels feature heavy vinyl, as well as wall configurations in clear vinyl, solid, or cathedral window styles.

The standard widths for this series are 6M and 9M. This allows you to order the right size at cost-affordable prices to achieve desired results. Here are some more essentials of this popular Anchor clear span tents series:
•	Engineered to ASCE 7-10 specifications.
•	Anodized 4- channel aluminum.
•	Clear span tents feature complete hardware and cable assemblies.
•	Keder trac roof fabric and bay spacing – 3M (9’ 10”)
You can also order single and/or double door units for the perfect accessories. We feature a choice selection of window patterns for clear span tents. Similarly, our team offers custom design capabilities, as well as full graphics services for tent customization and personalization needs.


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