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Don't love with your heart, but with your heart and soul.

What did I do to be treated so cold?

I never meant for it to end like this, so close your eyes and accept this kiss.

Cherish it deeply, cuz I know you will.

Keep it. Fuck it. 

You'll be the same still.

You told me you loved me forever and always.

So why fuck two guys in two different driveways?

You fucked me hardcore, then u screwed me again.

Not hardcore, not literally, but with sin after sin.

You did not trust and you didn't care.

The looks that you gave me were never sincere. 

I believed that you loved me so I said it back.

Well I've learned to let go, or get stabbed in the back.

It.hurt and it angered my heart and my soul so instead of that shit go score with some more.

 What I was I thinking? make you my girl?

Without you I think clearly. Your name makes me hurl.

So now there's no love for you inside of my heart. 

I've tried fixing our house but you're hoarding the part.

As lame as a duck, but what the fuck.

From the start was it bullshit, or was it bad luck?

It's honestly both. Was this a lesson?

Because I am myself now and I'm someone you're missin'

I'm not mad when I write this, or when I type and have no problem accepting you weren't ever my type.

This was right when I left, not even ten minutes after. Why invite me over? Why the hell did it matter?

You.did something bad, something you're good at.

You constantly manipulated me but can no longer can do that.

I realized we couldn't save what we once had, but I'm glad that we didn't because what we had was still bad.

As I said before you did not care.

When I talk to you now you do nothing but stare.

You don't seem to sure what thr hell to look at.

You swallow you're pride? But where was that at?

Sorry for trying to rhyme with feelings true to my heart, but I could say the dumbest lines and you I would outsmart.

It was hard when it's us, but not so bad when we fuss??. Was there ever a day when our love wasn't lust?

Did we ever not argue? Were we ever civil? Was there ever equality? Even a little?

Conversation is huge, it's a definite must.

You probably won't get that I know you want lust.

I hope you learn to accept that and quit with your ways.

One day you'll regret what you've of these days..

I will stay under control and forget about you. Not every aspect but the things that are true.

You do the opposite because it's what you know best. I'm letting you go it's a long deserved rest.

Except this time forever it has never progressed.

Go be with whoever, wherever, whenever, I hope that you're happy without me. It won't happen again ever!

To you all those other guys are better than me.

That's good news to me, I'm finally free!

Was it that exciting though? To see who you loved with all of your heart go insane in his mind- a mind once like Bart.

Homer's no father, but mine certainly was.

You're not going to stop me from getting that buzz.

From being without you, without you I love.

I do feel bad, but should you feel worse?

I'll take the blame, my name you can curse.

I would do anything for anyone and you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve but where is yours at?

You say you got your shit together, so I wish you the best.

But for now I'm the pirate, loved is locked in a chest.

And for you it won't be unlocked I'm saving this treasure.

You never deserved it I exposed it for pleasure.

I thought you liked dude? Thee man of thee hour.. that squinty ass face you must be that sour.

As hard as I tried it was never enough, that's too bad for you, I guess I was too tough.

Not on your feelings, I'm talking about mine. You're a rat, eat the cheese and I'll drink the wine.

I tried everyday, constantly, always. You were the master of multiple driveways.

The future is mine you won't bring me down you can continue to try but you'll be the clown.

You can't have me and I'm not sorry for that.

There's a woman who will love me for me, and not leave it at that.

But do so much more without having to try because I'm a lovable person, a genuine guy.

I've seen it firsthand when you feed off attention, and when you're not getting it you lose sight of affection.

You cannot stop me or change my mind for nothing... Don't call, you have never once seen me free from it all.

The dramatized bullshit. The lies and the promises.

The broken nights and unruly mnemonics. A technique to develop your memory such as the past and the present. But if you can't spell it out right you won't see that it's pleasant.

I gave it my all, all that I could.

I know what you want and that can't be good.

It wasn't the same as you told me that night. But why bicker and yell? Why argue and fight?

So instead of you loving with your heart and soul, first find your heart. Your heart as a whole.

I'm sure you can find it just give it your all. Don't give up on yourself, try not to fall.. right back to right now because you seem so heartless.

Everything you tell me from now on is nonsense.

Do this on your own for a change I don't want to help you. I give you advice and that always falls through.

All I ever wanted was a happy family. But to want that with you I know is insanity.

I could go on for days but what would that help? I'm easing my mind, not stirring yours up.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Intense-strong-excellently written-too many of these situations-

    Mar 30, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    dude wow you are amazing this girl never deserved you and never will keep writing this much truth and heart in your words...

    Mar 30, 2019

  • Mar 30, 2019

  • Brent, as always, you never fail to deliver. You are a maestro when it comes to rhymes. Love the flow, love the heart. Outstanding!

    Mar 30, 2019

  • Mar 31, 2019

  • Mar 31, 2019

  • Great

    Mar 31, 2019

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