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A breath of fresh air

A chill of wind 

The cool sea breeze

The road ahead

The joys of no longer being chained and shackled. Bound and restrained. To travel the path less traveled and open road... Tell me though. What's it like? To be free. To have no bounds. Sadly, you see, I'm nothing more than a sad chained puppet. A slave to many. The only joys I get are from bringing happiness to others. My how I long for my chains to be broken. Maybe one day I'll have a master who'll set me free. Ohhh but if I were to be set free there will be a price I must pay. An ultimate price of which even I fear even if it's my freedom I'm paying for. 

A Note from the Ferryman:

Hi, sit back while I'll tell you my thoughts. A relaxing trip on a river. 

Recently the last few things I've written have been to...shine light on the things that God and Satan opediaology have sadly left out. It enrages me that there's people who will blindly follow a lie when truth is right in front of them. Either way I hope you enjoyed the ride, the chat, and the writing. Maybe I'll do a writing to enlighten you all to the more truthful side of what those two write about. Until then I shall resume my usual writings.


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