The Monsters In The Forest Read Count : 34

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The Forest is the place where they hide they're not mean for just well off some look human some look different some have horns have tails and wings they sometimes eat humans .they live  in the forest they don't come out in daytime well not all of them my name is Emma I've seen them I'm a journalist some don't believe me but some do a very small portion though I have to say one thing if you're not prepared to fight them don't ever try to summon them don't try to offend them they will not take kindly to this the government has forced in Into the Woods that the government will not stand for long and it will fall just get on their good side the most dangerous ones are the shadow people there are some that are kind to humans even assholes but yeah I'm going to warn you not to try to piss them off cuz I will not hesitate to tear you into there's one I saw him he has giant black eyes and no smile his name is Mister X there's more he's a leader of a group he eats eyes it's very creepy the only reason I'm making this is to  warn everyone that by the time someone starts reading this I will be dead they alrighty have come after me they don't like being made public they tried to hide in the shadows and not bring attention to themselves there's one though she's a girl she has a mask on show protect humans and monsters it's like they bow down swear whenever they see her it's weird she saw him a couple times walking the woods look at me directly though she like moved her mask her mask moves with her face as extremely creepy as it is whenever she takes it off which I would not recommend looking directly in her eyes their bloody red the glow as if they're a night light when the monsters get angry at their arms and legs will turn black it's like a disease in their bloodstream and when they're full body goes black that's when you want to start running they will not hesitate to tear you into little pieces remember making one mad cuz I was watching it clearly recording at it I think it's name is Chester he looks like a clown but he doesn't have the makeup and everything the disguise ourselves as humans in the daytime to get by without anyone noticing them we're making a big whole thing about it they are allowed to come out just they don't I know they're going to come out of the woods soon kill off Humanity but there are these two they're very kind they look like twins mean they are twins how they look exactly the same sides one's a girl and one's a boy they serve mr. X bringing him food and stuff now I'm not going to lie it's terrifying to watch them cuz if they see you well see they I don't want to say it's terrifying even thinking about it makes my bones tingle *argh *  that's one of them I've been trying to find me I'm hiding in a bunker underground at this point I don't understand if people won't believe me I just think this is false that all I do know so that you see a girl with long blue hair she's human but she acts like she's above them she brings a sort of souls I don't even know how to f*** she cares that it's huge she thinks she's above them hell if they see her through running her full speed if she doesn't hit them she's dead I think she's like 7 or 15 she looks like a f****** four-year-old though they do have a school and stuff just it's hidden this is the ending of this whatever this is just run from them goodbye.


  • Mar 30, 2019

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