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  • So I am a person, and you are a person right? Well I need to tell a little thing that almost everyone does everyday probably, and that is Judgement to other people. I know it's that persons opinion but, I don't like it that much. It makes me feel, uneasy about it. Some people can agree to that too hopefully, but what I'm trying to say is I just plane out don't like it or I don't really hate it either. 

  • Because if you don't word it right it will tell that person you don't like it at all kinda rudely or hurtfully, and if it doesn't come out right to a person that makes art you might just have a pencil through your eye. So yeah and even if it doesn't come out right to a sensitive person in school be prepared to have a teacher take you to detention, and no body likes detention well if you're weird good job I guess.

  •  Then, it just might hurt someones feelings if you don't word it right. So try and say positive things first or bad things first then nice or positive thing last, it will probably save you from detention and a pencil going through your eye in the future. 

I will make another story soon

I will soon make a Bully story too so look forward to that .

Life lessons 

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  • keep up the good writing.

    Sep 02, 2019

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