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Okay so dis is my first time doing this!pls don't forget to tell me what u think!

Angel of darkness

In the world where dark angels and light angels live together meet the main characters!

Auroua-Quiet,dark angel,powerful,shy and sweet yet rude

Hansuke-loud,light angel, powerful,out going!, Really nice and always smiling!*claps!*now let's begin!

Aur:what are u watching?


Aur:what's anime?

Han:*shocked*so basically only I,a light angel knows what anime is!?while u a dark angel don't know what anime is!?


Han: Auroua!I'm so sorry!*walks to her and hugs her*

🦊10 mins later🦊

Han:and that's what anime is!

Aur:cool! But why are the girls showing their privies parts and booboo!?u pervert! I'm a f*** girl!!!!!

🦊30 mins later after Auroua beats up hansuke🦊

Aur:👿u better...


Aur: aww!ur so cute!

Han:*turns as red as a tomato*

Aurora walks up to him and kisses him on da cheek!

🦊Next day🦊

Aur:HELP!h-hansuke......pls he-

  •  To be continued!


  • It is a good description or your two main characters. Can't wait to hear of thier adventures. Good Job!

    Mar 28, 2019

  • Jessica Perez Estrada

    Jessica Perez Estrada

    carl shunck i haven't finished it but thank u,!

    Mar 28, 2019

  • Mar 28, 2019

  • Mar 28, 2019

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