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  There's a powerful organization, called Anonymous. These people are not dangerous, except that they have access to everything which is turned into Data. Are they good, are they evil? The true Anons are good, but do not be deceived. There are many of which who would wear the mask, and use it to deceive you. I struggled with determining whether they were good or evil for a long time. I came across a message, one that I recognized from the alleyways.

"We stand for equality, and we stand for justice."

"We do not represent any political party, we only stand for righteous truth."

"Do not be deceived by the mask for their are many who drag our name through the mud."

Q, is a political weapon which was designed to mislead many of those who spend large amounts of time believing conspiracy theories. Misleading those, who would believe anything. And many of these people tend to be the violent and toxic type.

   What is a conspiracy theory? I'm glad you asked, because the conspiracy theory is a rumor without any evidence to back it up. Just hearsay, and possibly a witness who may be real or a fraud. There are many people motivated for all kinds of reasons to do good or bad deeds. Many conspiracy theories, are set to make you think someone's out to get you. Whether it be the government, law enforcement, or the military. There have been some theories, which are true. Most serious though, end up being proven false or filled with misleading fake information. You could say about 1 out of 50 conspiracy theories turn out to be true. This doesn't mean you should believe everything you hear, or ignore everything you hear either. The best way to gather information is to look it up yourself. There are many who would use Anonymous's good name, to do evil. Do not be deceived or fooled. Q has been proven a fraud.


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