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Significance & Meaning's Appertinent Adventure


One imports what they deem significant & that importance serves as a signifier of self. This synergy is the omni-integral inception of all integrity & as a consequence not only does the miracle of meaning emerge but a remarkable revelance is revealed.

To understand an unknown concept is to undertake its essence via embodiment, thus a comprehensively concentric carnevale of incarnation ensues. This personification confers connotation/utility & promulgates/implements paradigmatic platitudes whilst concomitantly bestowing denotation/pertinence & availing comprehension/distinction within the edifying exemplar. Therein, each attributes content & accords with one another: correspondingly consigning connaissance and comportment, reciprocally refining function and sense, & furnishing notable nuances within context and inference. 

As stately constitutes, Consciousness and Construsion are constructs obliged per Identity. They draw upon another par le portrait parallèle & dually derive due to coherent concordance. This camaraderie is tantamount to a psycho-semantic symbiosis— a simulacrum of steeping so as to purport proprieties, inducing a sharing of bearing which designates complete coalescence & epitomizes exemplification itself. Au fond, meaning is a mutual imbuement amid conception and being— the Consummate Congeniality.


  • I love your writing. Keep it up.

    Mar 28, 2019

  • Apr 13, 2019

  • This piece is a bit like reading tangled soup. I wondered if it had done run amok on me & I'z gonna be forever chasing it with a pair of underwear — natheless, I went all uber-ech & quelled the warped, matryoshkaesque hellion of concentricity. 😤

    Jun 24, 2019

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