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Wanna loose weight,  I lost over 100 lbs.  

How in a month? 

Peanut butter and honey does it. 

What to drink ginger ale,  water.  

What to do exercise,  play outside.  

What to not do,  eat lile 3 times  a day. 

Before you eat drink water and then before you head outside take a cold water with you and play outside.  For lunch peanut butter grape jelly wheat sandwhich and honey.  And ginger ale.  And water after you eat and drink.  

Dont believe  me I used to be  280 and I am now 199 

Next goal is 180 


  • Weightless advice is right, you can't lose that much weight. You'll die. You should focus on setting a goal to get you in good health. Greens, Fruit, and small servings of meat. While giving advice, you can also use honey to close cuts and soothe burns.

    Mar 27, 2019

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