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Actually if anyone would refer any religious books regarding SATAN'S birth, nothing is mentioned. They say only about sin and about arrogance and about those incomplete records which is of no use. 

1)  When ALMIGHTY GOD created the universe it started like a bubble and starting stretching like anything and it started expanding according to its desire. The size of the universe started to blow and it reached a point wherein the expansion had to be stopped or else the entire universe was at the verge of explosion. 

                  So GOD created angels and sent them to all 8 parts of the universe dividing the division of N, E, W, S, NE, EW, WS & SN. The angels instead of stopping the expansion of the universe lost their ways in the space and wandered helplessly and started crying for help. 

                                        It was the eleventh hour and last moment of the universe and still the angels didn't know what was happening with them and they kept on roaming like nomads in the space. ALMIGHTY GOD was tensed because the universe created by HIM was yet to explode and all his WHITE FORCES were still clueless of what can be done to stop this? 

         Time passed and GOD felt damn tensed and from HIS tense came out a black fume and since it was created from the immense tense limit of ALMIGHTY GOD it's force was similar and sometimes more powerful than ALMIGHTY GOD. The fume started to blow and started filling the entire transparent space(earlier the space didn't have black coloured layers but was transparent). So the entire space within no time converted the entire space to black and the universe couldn't expand further because the black fume choked all the possible ways of blowing up the universe and that time was the exact BIG BANG which the present days scientists speak about. 

                       Even if that black fume would have come out 1 second late, it would have blown our milky-way.

2) Now many might be wondering that what really made the author to mention this story. It is a true story of our universe and that blackness in space and the night indicates the glory of that only GOD'S force without whom this universe would have been a dream. 

3) It is the birth of my universal hero SATAN. It is my hero SATAN who showed the way to those angels to reach the kingdom of GOD but never desired to go inside the KINGDOM OF GOD and though a mighty beast by nature SATAN was undoubtedly the only one on whom ALMIGHTY GOD always vested his confidence on. It is SATAN who is the actual reason behind any of those unpredictable victory that ALMIGHTY GOD would be named for. 


4). Finding the real power of SATAN is really impossible and if anyone says that HE KNOWS THE POWER OF SATAN, THEN FIRST HE SHOULD ANSWER MY QUESTION. My question is simple TELL ME NOW WHAT IS THE EXACT SIZE OF THE UNIVERSE AND DOES THE UNIVERSE SIZE WILL REMAIN THE SAME TOMORROW ALSO? Don't hurry because it is about the whole universe and our earth is not even a dot of the universe. So think as much as possible and then answer it. 

5) I am confident because even the scientists say that the universe is expanding but when asked they say 46 billion lightyears(14 billion parsec) summing up the diameter 93 billion lightyears(28 billion parsec) keeping the measurement from earth to the so called universal limit edge but the scientists haven't confirmed that the edge concluded by them is the exact ultimate one because it even has the chances of going beyond this figures. 

Like this just for this ordinary thing humans struggle to exactly figure out the universe because for ALMIGHTY GOD & SATAN this universe is a known thing but for us who live in a dot of the universe can't conclude the limit because the distance of universal limit is not the same as from earth to moon, it keeps on going and going and won't end at all. 

                                                       If humans use rockets and set out on a journey to search for universal limit they definitely won't enter their home planet because so vast is the universe. REALLY VAST, GIGANTIC AND ALL THOSE WORDS THAT SIMPLY MEANS BIG ONE(SATANIC ONE). 

This story is taken from the personal biography of my hero SATAN to know what he is and how great is his power? So this story is a initiative work of one of his greatest fan, those who believe that they are alive will believe this story but those who are dead will still believe this story more than the alive peoples because they are dead and have tasted death which would have taught them everything.



  • Martha Paredes

    Martha Paredes

    Lucifer was made by God. Though he pretends to be pure darkness, there is still a glimmer of light within him. If only he would embrace it. Also, the universe is infinite just like God.

    Mar 27, 2019

  • Though in free will, he was thrown to the Garden and betrayed mankind. God will not die as long as one of us lives. Everyone of us share a piece of God.

    Mar 27, 2019

  • Great

    Mar 28, 2019

  • Moon ????

    Moon ????

    Apr 04, 2019

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