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I have everything but still, I feel bored from inside. I want to go to my paradise and never come back. I close my eyes and I prayed to go like never before. Miracles very rarely happen, but when I close my eyes, I was in my dreamland. Mountains, trees, beautiful blue sea, and everything I wish for. I was ecstatic, run like a little child and shout at the top of the voice., " I am the king of my kingdom". Then with every passes time, my excitement started to die down. I looked everywhere, no one is there. My near and dear ones are gone from me. I was desperate to come back but my dream is not letting me go. I screamed, " please let me go". There is a constant tussle going on between dream and reality. Suddenly, I hear my daughter voice, " dad why you are screaming". I opened my eyes. I was the most relieved person in this world. Finally, I returned to reality. I hugged my daughter tightly.

Moral of the story- Sometimes reality sucks but at least it's in our control.


  • Mar 27, 2019

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