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His eyes look innocence, he smiles like an angle and he's just in his own land, enjoying himself. I am talking about a seven years old boy, building his own castle in the sand.  Suddenly, his mother came from nowhere, pick him up and took him away. The boy looks sad as he continued looking back towards his half-built castle, on his way back.

    From a little distance,  I saw the little emotional scene but I am sure,  tomorrow he'll come in his usual time, he'll once again build his castle because he has all the time in this world and most importantly,  he has zest and love to do it.

       But with times, the scenario totally changes.  The work pressure, the responsibility, and everything else, somewhat distance ourselves with our hobbies and it will totally be finished if we don't give another name, "Passion".

            Yes, you heard it right. Passion makes is such a powerful thing in your life but if you use it in the right way. 

           Let me put in a simple way. See, it's mere 20% lucky ones, whose passion and profession are the same while other's fall in my category. 

     Yes, I know personally how it is very difficult to live your passion in this environment where every minute is priceless but the good news is it's not impossible.

     All you need is a sacrifice. Not a big one, but a little bit of sacrifice on your part. My point is to leave your work alone, you can't compromise it but what I am talking about is after your work, you have leisure time where you hang out with friends, go to the cinema hall, or watch your favorite TV programme.

        If you truly love your passion then that's the time you can live your passion. In my case, I love writing, so I search for this little moment where I can write and express myself. I must tell you the enjoyment and inner satisfaction I get that's beyond indescribable.

        But there are so-called people, who discourage you in every step of your life. They will put it in your head that why you will be wasting your time where you can't gain anything from it. But friends, everything is not profit and loss, there is something beyond from it and only who's passionate about something can truly understand it and who knows, one day, a little bit of luck and a little bit of hard work can take your passion where it deserves.  

     Friends, in the end, I just want to say, in this competitive world find some time for yourself. That will be your time where you can do everything that you feel inner satisfaction. All of us deserved it and promise me, you will give your passion the respect it deserved.



  • Mar 27, 2019

  • Mar 27, 2019

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