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   In my youth, I will admit that I never have any interest in politics until I got a little bit older. Though I be young, I have the conscience of knowing right from wrong. As of recently, Congress passed a resolution to release the full Mueller report to check A.G.'s Barr statements. There is suspicion that he may have been feeding misinformation related to Robert Mueller's report, therefore the resolution passed 420 to 0 went straight to Senate. Only to be blocked by a man claiming the stand for justice. How do the American people know if they're telling the truth, if they cannot see the truth in front of them? The simple answer is that we should trust whatever our government says blindly.

   I am not one of these people who are just one-sided, but I am fully aware of the corruption and all kinds of organizations. There comes a time though in the United State, where we need to stand up and speak out against these forms of corruption. They hold us down, constrain us for being our full abilities. We can't live in a good environment, because they destroy the environment. Our water is poisoned, because they refuse to find better alternatives then poisoning our food and water sources. There are alternatives, and we have only to seek them out and understand them. Meanwhile, they continue to profit off the death and misery of the people there supposed to be standing up for. The people that they're supposed to be representing in their communities.

   Did you know, that it's been 30 years since mankind actually discovered a form of energy which was everlasting. No need for coal, no need for pollution. The energy which was strong enough to power the entire city. It would have changed our society into such a clean world. The corruption of this country has gotten under my skin, greed and selfishness those people who live everyday and turn on what they believe.

   I can only follow my instincts and choose who I think would be a great leader. Would I be a great leader? I don't know if I would be the right person for the job. Leaders make tough choices, which I respect. But whenever that leader is making choices, which only benefits themselves and hurts everyone else there needs to be a reckoning. For three years, we have been under such leadership which just blocks everything which could help our people. More than one third of the country is blindly following him, while the other half has constantly attacking him. Ocasio Cortez was right, she stated that Trump was a symptom and I'm inclined to agree.

   A noble leader can benefit off of helping other people. You don't need money to be wealthy, you don't need to own lots of property to be powerful, all you need is a voice which can touch the hearts of our people. My people is the world and that is the power I seek. The power to protect it from the catastrophe's and to whittle away the corruption as much as possible. A Golden Age, but I cannot do this alone. We all should raise our hands to the sky into the light.

   The real enemy is those who offer the bribes, those who knowingly create laws that benefit themselves while hurting others. There's always room to compromise, but there is no room for what one sides wants. We need to talk about the issues surrounding the problems, we need to root out the corruption of those who are responsible for these problems. I know there are good people in all corners of the political spectrums. I have seen my evidence, and I have made a decision to fight for the people. These kinds of activities must stop, it doesn't matter who they come from. What matters is that justice has wrought on the people who commit these deplorable acts.


  • Mar 26, 2019

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    Mar 27, 2019

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