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Growing in my mind

Controlling my heart

I gasp for air...help help

I shout so loud...no one

Can hear am by myself

I touch Nd kill..distroy 

With anger n this world be

Filled wiff pain...I ask 

WHAT IS...??


what is life when one 

Around a hundred suffers

Like one fighting for one goal

Its proven..seen that pain 

Within be unseen...how

So Caz am calling shouting..all of u everydae 

Help me...help me...

I'm let to sink all alone

When I could've been saved

By all you...am left to ask..

WHAT IS...??


what is it that I've done so bad..so wrong for I'm deserving of this ...punishment...the pain

I suffer the sorrow I surrender my pityfull life in.

I strive in the glory of my 

Tears...am forever stuck

In my fears...I live my 

Present in my past...way

Forward going backwards

I screem help..me... set me

Free...no one answers I'm

Always left with one question...

WHAT IS...??


What is it that I live

For...what is..for I'm alive

No-more..only a shell

Empty broken..pieces are to everybody visible..WHAT IS IT THAT I AM...??



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