Racing Mind Read Count : 21

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/Soul

Got my mind running from love to hate, things were great, to setting bait, you a trap with no dick, you caught me in a pickle no rick, got me racing into love sick. With all the feels I'm getting, I'm drinking and smoking to numb the pain but still going insane, got me stuck in the world when you were mine, got sadness in my mind, I'll still taking my time, because I left your heart and you took mine, but I'm not going to be stuck forever, thinking that you're clever then why can't we call this whatever. Got a racing mind if this could work again. But it's more likely I'd ascend. Can't even put this a fri-end. We were the sliver lining. Helping each other with guiding. But now I'm sliding for a quick fuck, a good suck, so I'm not in my mind still stuck. 


  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins


    Mar 26, 2019

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