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Ive been burned,

So many times,

How can it still come as a surprise?

Ive been hurt, 

By my friends,

But i guess all friendships,

Have to end.

Ive been scarred,

From all these lines,

That you said to me, 

Like how youd always "be mine".

Ive been ignored,

But whatever,

What would i say,

Im not too clever.

Ive been shown,

I wasnt enough,

And let me tell you,

That was rough.


  • Marvelous Mzuvelile

    Marvelous Mzuvelile

    uhm touchy...i loved it

    Mar 26, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    When you can write like this🦋don’t sell yourself short🦋you have a gift Keep writing and sharing 🦋 Never give up🦋🦋

    Mar 26, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    you have no idea how much that means to me

    Mar 26, 2019

  • Its gonna be okay. ❤❤❤ Your safe now right. Away from them?? If not report them to police❤❤❤❤ God loves you!!💚

    Apr 04, 2019

  • Oct 15, 2019

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