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I waa gonna start 7th grade when I moved into an old home that had 4 appointments to it. Before me and my family moved in it, i felt something that isn't normal. The stairs was really creaky when you go up and down: the kids room when you walk in it I felt that i was felling through the floor. Nobody else felt it, I was the only one to notice. There was holes in the walls where the kids closet was, then not to long after that we moved in the apartment number 3. The window in the kids room has a massive whole that you can stare right through it. I looked up there a few times, there was something about it that i didn't want nothing to do with it. When you step away from the kids window the little character boo from monsters Inc. Was on the wall, it dared me and made me think what is in this apartment: what is attached to the land. Then, the horror start to rise up: on this one night i was in my bed; I thought I heard a mouse when from one side of the room to the other side, but i was wrong. Then, this demonic growl was coming from where the kids closet was. I sounded like a tiger growl, I know that there was no tiger in my room, then I just realized it was paranormal. I didn't tell nobody on what happened, the next thing that I knew we moved before it came after me. It still haunts me til this day, I'm glad that i got out before the worse, that's my ghostly encounter.


  • i love it so detailed and awesome

    Mar 26, 2019

  • Jun 02, 2019

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