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A log siding home gives the appearance of a full log home at a fraction of the cost. These homes can be built faster and easier and still provide the rustic look of a cabin or house. A full log home is made from pine and cedar logs that are whole trees with the bark removed. Log siding comes in three thicknesses that provide the option you prefer. The center of the tree is removed to eliminate much of the weight and cost.

Some benefits associated with using log siding for the exterior building material include.
•	Log siding is much less expensive than full logs.
•	It is lighter weight, and easier to carry and saw.
•	No crane is needed to hoist the heavy logs to the top.
•	Pieces have tongue and groove features that lock them together.
•	Log siding does not shrink, swell, and crack like full logs.

These characteristics make log siding an ideal covering for the exterior of any cabin or home. The house pictured here simulates full logs quite well. Don’t you agree? It doesn’t matter whether the structure is large or small. The siding is installed with long screws that secure it even on high walls. Once in place, the siding adds structural integrity to all four sides. Another bonus is that homeowners with fundamental skills can install their own log home siding. 
Clad Your Cabin with Pine Half Log Siding for the Ultimate Rustic Look
Pine half log siding is our most popular exterior building material. You have a choice of 3”x 6”, 3”x 8”, and 3”x 10” sizes that produce your idea of what a log home should look like. Tip: Order now while they are on sale and save a lot of money. A smooth finish is the standard surface, or you can wow your family and friends with hand-hewn siding.
To create a complete log cabin or home, add the following knotty pine products:
•	Knotty pine or cedar paneling for the interior walls
•	Trim and molding for doors and windows
•	Mantles, flooring, and doors
•	Stairways, beam covers
We have the products to make a log cabin or home look fantastic. Every piece of wood is correctly kiln dried, and hand inspected to ensure its quality. You will never get a bad piece from us. Our quality is unsurpassed in the industry. The Log Home Shoppe is here to assist with planning your cabin and ordering the pine half log siding you need. 


  • Wish I could afford it. I want one!!! 🤓

    Mar 25, 2019

  • i might be crazy for wanting to run away to this log house, but it is Beautiful!

    Mar 25, 2019

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