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SATAN: This is the name of a movie

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Yes but here it is the movie I am talking about.

JESUS: Then?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: CHRIST, I have said earlier that in this outlet we have increasing atheists

JESUS: Yes, you have

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: But now I don't see them as a problem


GODOPEDIAOLOGY: When I referred the active members who read my articles I have atleast 3 to 5 members who definitely find some time and read my article


GODOPEDIAOLOGY: out of them one is jack, who is atheist who does believe anything associated with GOD and another one lady Martha is normal and writes fine but another person and my friend satanopediaology is the one whose articles looks somewhat different

JESUS: I don't see anything so different about his articles

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: His writings looks like some untold mystery which he is trying to unfold. It seems as if he is on a mission to promote the arrival of SATAN.

SATAN: Yes, I have read his articles and I am impressed with that man. He has portrayed me as a hero and has written those tales which even till now no follower of CHRIST has written on him

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: isn't it abnormal

SATAN: if followers praise JESUS then you feel happy, if the same is done to me it is not a normal one

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: It is a psycho lock

JESUS: You mean to say that he is getting mad

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: It is not his fault. It is the mistake created by the Bible

JESUS: What you mean by that?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY : This started when I was studying in the nursery. The Christian missionary people used to say THE WORLD IS GOING TO END AND SO ON AND FINALLY PREACHED TO EMBRACE CHRISTIANITY AND PROTECT FROM THIS. So after some years I was busy working and didn't have time for anything and recently before 2 yrs they popularised the concept of some seals opening and things like that, after nibiru and that pregnant lady appearance and all shit things and now they all have become silent and their task is implemented by satanopediaology.

SATAN: You mean to say he will open the seals

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No, he wants his hero that is you to open it

SATAN: This is ridiculous

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Certain community before spreading something doesn't understand its impact and forgets the consequences. My friend satanopediaology is very much keen in bringing SATAN as a reality which itself sounds impossible and tell me SATAN, is it possible?

SATAN: He has mentioned his taste of his SATAN and that I have understood. If he truly has that power to get his work done then he might succeed

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: If his desire gets fulfilled only GOD can only save this world

JESUS: I understand your problem, you feel that his ideology is dangerous

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Not only dangerous but if it gets fulfilled, I guarantee we all will face lots of problems on this earth and humans will definitely cry erupting tears of blood because his stories looks so dangerous

SATAN: but you haven't seen his art of showing the increasing sin in his style and it is this unique style that looks impressive and I definitely feel this guy would do something

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Just because few people like his fantasies, it doesn't mean it is a reality and you know that, CHRIST why don't you impart some knowledge to him that the task he is dreaming of is nearly impossible and it just can't be fulfilled and if it increases in him, one day or another it would bring dangerous results

JESUS: Don't worry my child, people like satanopediaology have come and gone but can't do anything but can only write their stories, you read it has any other person and if you are impressed give him your ratings. Leaving ALMIGHTY GOD no one at any cost can't do any harm for this planet. Simply leave your fear

SATAN: Anyhow satanopediaology, this person godopediology is GOD'S believer but has failed to see your good heart towards womanhood, I feel happy that you have written stories to please me, I am impressed, though I am vulgar and bad to the world but for you my blessings will always stay on you.

JESUS & godopediaology just don't have further anything to say nor share.

                                  THE END


  • Bitch I'm not an Atheist. I'm agnostic, asshole. Secondly, if YOU'RE writings were to be true that as well would fuck man.

    Mar 25, 2019

  • A little flattered that you mentioned me. Though I find your writings interestingly enough, they're a little obscured. Yet they're just writings. No harm in them. At least to those that know the truth. The same with Satanopediology's writings.

    Mar 25, 2019

  • Don't fear I am human

    Mar 25, 2019

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