You're Not Worth Stalking, Because The Past Is The Past Read Count : 3

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The past is the past as yeah yeah we may have had our laughs so on you moved on so that makes you the past okay now it seems that you yourself seems to be type gassed and it's so bad I don't and couldn't care who you are you see all that matters now is that you are apart of my past. As there'll be no more headaches worrying about who you're fucking and sucking behind my back, so just know that to me you are a hoar and whomever choses to live such a life style is straight up cunning and their lifestyle is whack. Now if you really wanted to take it back I could talk about how it was my mentality you did sorta attempt to distract. But it's fact that I'm the God Sincere L.I.F.E. Born God Allah who is crazy intelligent with a style that's far from irrelevant and anyone cares to test well I'll quickly show them ( You) exactly how it is evident that I'm the God Sincere and by my everyday actions I show and prove exactly that I am Da God Sincere and that's fact so as you are the past in my third eye and your thought is now and forever will be illrelvant and in my heart, soul, and mind is far from being evident!!


  • I like the skills but I don't like that you say your God. Noone is God. ❤ But nicely done🦊

    Apr 04, 2019

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