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   As pressure has erupted in the United States, against our president, Robert Mueller has released his report to the attorney general as of yesterday. It is with my great hope, get this report is fully released to the public without any alterations made. It is important for the people to realize, even if there is nothing in there to pressure Trump, many people have been charged with numerous financial crimes making far more money back to the government then what the costs of this investigation was. Also, do not assume he is guilty or not guilty as we all knew this report was going to the attorney General and onward to Congress. So let's take a look at those charged who all had connections to Russia.

   Paul Manafort, Michael , Rick Gates, Alex Zwaan, George Papadopoulos, Samuel Patten, all have been charged with financial crimes as well as obstructing Justice. Getting back around 5× more than the cost of the overall investigation. Not to mention Mueller's payback of properties which were seized for bank crimes committed by Trump and others. There are upcoming charges as well including Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Trump Jr.and possibly his Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump.

  As statistics apply, Trump has definitely committed bank fraud on numerous occasions. This may not lead to impeachment, but will acquire more funds for the investigation value. My only hope as I said earlier is that our leaders have the guts to release the report to the public and to take actions if needed. As much as Trump's rhetoric and behaviour disgusts me I want him to be treated fairl. However, if he didn't commit crimes they should still charge him for starting a full scale political war and for breaking several of our country's laws. I have to ask, where are the law and orders conservatives?


  • Mar 24, 2019

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